Eielson Air Force Base Growth Plan Cover

Public Comment Period ends July 31

From Shelly Wade, Eielson Regional Growth Plan

The public comment period for the Regional Growth Plan closes on July 31st. Community input is critical to the success of the plan, and key to maximizing the benefits of Eielson Air Force Base growth for FNSB residents.

  • How to Access the Draft Plan
    • View, download and/or print the draft plan through the project website:
    • Review the complete 400-page draft plan at the Noel Wien Public Library (1215 Cowles Street, Fairbanks), the North Pole Branch Library (656 NPHS Boulevard, North Pole) or the FNSB Mayor’s Office (907 Terminal Street, Fairbanks). These copies will not circulate and will be available for on-site review only. Printed copies of the Executive Summary will be available for distribution at each of the above locations.
  • How to Comment on the Draft Plan
  • The DEADLINE for comments is July 31st, 2018.
  • Questions?  Contact the project team: