Military Projects boost construction in Alaska article

Military projects boost construction in Alaska

By Rindi White, The Alaska Contractor

The latest edition of The Alaska Contractor, published quarterly by the Associated General Contractors of Alaska, provides a concise overview of the Interior MILCON projects in Alaska, mostly at Eielson AFB. Find the entire article on pp 34-44 in the online magazine.

As state capital budget dwindles, federal spending helps fill some of the gap

Alaska’s proposed capital budget for 2018 is $1.4 billion, less than half what the state worked with just five years ago. As the economy struggles and uneasy businesses are apparently hesitant to build new office or warehouse space, it’s little surprise that the construction industry is losing jobs.

However, one bright spot on the economic horizon is the more than two dozen federal military and defense contracts schedule to be let in the next two years, most of them related to the new F-35 Lightning II aircraft set to bed down at Eielson Air Force Base.

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