cockpit simulator

Cockpit demonstrator simulates F-35 capabilities

By Bethany Davis, Reporter / Anchor

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Lockheed Martin is giving community leaders a closer look at the F-35 Lightning fighter jet and its capabilities Thursday.

The company set up the F-35 cockpit demonstrator, an interactive simulator that highlights the fighter’s advanced technologies and combat capabilities.

“There are huge advantages to the F-35. One of them is stealth, the other is sensor fusion,” said pilot Adrian Clark. “So Stealth allows us to get really close to the bad guys and they don’t even know we’re there.” Clark continued, “The sensors work together so that everything seamlessly blends together and makes it very easy for you to fly, know exactly what’s going on,”

The F-35 is said to be the most capable multi-role fighter in the world with advanced stealth, fighter agility, and integrated avionics.

“We’re replacing the aging planes that are out in the fleet,” explained Stephen Mueller, vice president of Air Force and Joint Strike Fighter Lockheed Martin Government Affairs. “So this brings new capability, but also brand new iron for the military to use,”

18 F-35s are designated for the 187th Fighter Wing and will begin to arrive at Dannelly Field in the next five years.

“We just completed the flight test program for these earlier this year,” Mueller said. “And now we’re really ramping up productions, going from 66 last year, to 91 this year, to 135 next year,”

Lockheed Martin is meeting with community leaders Thursday to give them a shot at the simulator, and a better idea of what the F-35 lightning is capable of doing.

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