Front cover of the Eielson Regional Growth Plan.

FNSB Final Eielson Regional Growth Plan

Eielson Regional Growth Plan Team

We are very excited to announce release of the FINAL FNSB Eielson Air Force Base Regional Growth Plan. Important details for accessing the final plan are outlined below.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback throughout the planning process, including your input on the draft plan that helped shape the final document and set the stage for successful implementation.

The majority of comments received were in strong support of RGP recommendations, a desire for coordinated implementation, and interest in continuing to receive updates on plan progress. Examples of comments that we received to help improve the draft include:

  • Related to growth projections and workforce development – The addition of other potential development/workforce opportunities that may have an economic impact on the FNSB community. Examples include: $100 million expansion at Fort Knox Mine; Alaska Gasline Development Corporation’s Liquefied Natural Gas or Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline project; expansion of the existing tourism market due to both winter and summer season demand from Asia, the recovering lower-48 economy, and further interest in the Arctic. These projects are not included in our modeling of future population and economic projections, but they are prospects to closely track and consider in community planning efforts.
  • Related to communications infrastructure – The addition of a recommendation that builds from the work of the Alaska Broadband Task Force, Arctic Council and best communication practices, in Alaska and other locations, to create rural broadband cooperatives and strategic use of public infrastructure.
  • Related to transportation – The clarification of FNSB’s role in administering Road Service Areas (RSAs), and the Borough’s authority related to roads.
  • Related to quality of life –
    • Our team added a number of activities, programs and facilities to the many amenities the FNSB community can offer incoming F-35 personnel and their families. Examples include: the public libraries, Fairbanks Children’s Museum, Tanana Chiefs Conference cultural programs, the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, the Midnight Sun Baseball Game and Iron Dog.
    • Also added, a recommendation to address the challenge of building awareness and communicating opportunities and FNSB offerings to active duty personnel and their families due to regular turnover of Air Force personnel. The recommended strategy for addressing this concern:
      • Establish a military-community liaison to coordinate the sharing of information with EAFB personnel. This liaison could share information, coordinate off-base orientations, connect local and regional organizations and businesses with relevant military contacts and maintain a list of contact information for key positions in the EAFB Public Affairs office, Airman and Family Readiness Center and other relevant EAFB departments.

Read the final plan.

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