Alaska F-35s | Strategic Reach on U.S. Soil

Final EIS Released

On March 4, 2016, the Air Force released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on F-35A Operational Beddown (Pacific) at Eielson AFB. The decision by the Air Force is expected in early April 2016. Read the full EIS »

Good For National Defense

Eielson Air Force Base has been selected as the preferred alternative for the basing of two squadrons of F-35 aircraft. The decision means that, after completing an environmental impact statement (EIS), two squadrons of F-35s will likely be based at Eielson starting in 2016. Here’s why we believe this is good for national defense and our local economy.

Global Reach

The Pacific Air Force’s (PACAF)  area of responsibility extends more than 100,000,000 square miles.  Eielson’s strategic proximity fits well with the U.S. renewed focus on the Asia-Pacific theater and the Arctic.

World Class Training Grounds

Eielson Air Force Base provides a gateway to the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC), the world’s largest joint air, land, sea, subsea, space, and electromagnetic training assets at 67,000 square miles.

Cost Savings

Eielson’s existing infrastructure and proximity to JPARC make it a low-cost option.  The existing infrastructure at Eielson is well suited for the new mission and will require very little military construction funds.

Good For Our Economy

Securing an enhanced mission for Eielson AFB will provide a significant contribution to our local economy.


Currently there are 1,900 active duty personnel at Eielson AFB. Locating two squadrons of F-35s at Eielson would increase Eielson’s military population by 103%, a significant addition to the community. There would be additional jobs created for civilian employees, contractors and service sector employees.


Active Duty with 2 Squadrons of F-35s

Two F-35 squadrons of F-35s  would bring an additional 1,959 active duty personnel and their dependents to our community, a 103% increase over current numbers, plus an unknown number of new civilian jobs.


Jobs Impact from 2 Squadrons of F-35s

Compared with current employment at Eielson, the additional employment impact from adding 1,959 F-35 personnel at Eielson is estimated at 4,337 jobs boroughwide, including new service sector and military support jobs. The number will be higher once civilians are included.


New Revenue from 2 Squadrons of F-35s

Including the multiplier effect, two squadrons of F-35s would create a  total economic impact of nearly $1.3 billion per year in new revenue in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. This is in addition to the already significant economic impact the military brings to our community.

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Eielson Air Force Base has been selected as a possible home for the next generation fighter jet, the F-35, to be based in the Asia-Pacific region. Eielson AFB is in a unique position to provide the Air Force with a strategic location on U.S. soil, world-class training grounds, and a cost advantage over foreign basing. Locally, the F-35s will bring 3,000 to 4,000 new jobs and millions of dollars in new revenue to our region. The F-35 mission may also help secure the future of Eielson by helping to protect it from future cuts.

We need to show the Air Force that our community supports F-35 basing at Eielson AFB. If you believe in the value of an enhanced mission for Eielson AFB that will strengthen our national defenses and our local economy, please register your support by filling out the form. We won’t share or sell your contact info, ever. We will let you know when the process has begun and send you easy instructions for supporting F35 basing at Eielson AFB as the selection process continues.